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Aug 27 '14
Murray Gold - Doctor Who XII


I hope they release the full version soon. Need that middle eight.

Aug 27 '14


there are two types of people in this world

  • people who think the doctor pushed the droid
  • people who think he jumped
Aug 27 '14

My name apparently can be almost loosely translated to mean genki.

Aug 27 '14

Food for thought?

Aug 27 '14
Aug 27 '14


Put a snackle in companion mouth! This how FIX A TRAUMA. Hurt a feelings? Damage a friendship? Put snackle in mouth, snackle solve ALL THING!

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Aug 27 '14


and now for the AU outfits: what if Eight had not abandoned the HAT?
Think of this ditz, he would wear it everywhere.
And have hat-measuring contest with other Doctors.

Let’s all take a moment to imagine the faces of his companions had he decided to stick with the hat



and now for the AU outfits: what if Eight had not abandoned the HAT?

Think of this ditz, he would wear it everywhere.

And have hat-measuring contest with other Doctors.

Let’s all take a moment to imagine the faces of his companions had he decided to stick with the hat

Aug 27 '14
"So this is it? I was expecting something bigger. Not exactly the Starship Enterprise, is it?"
Izzy Sinclair’s first words upon entering the TARDIS, Endgame
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Aug 27 '14






We dare you to say we don’t live in a rape culture.

Amazingly, not The Onion:

“[W]e now have young men telling Bloomberg News that they basically view their female peers as rape bombs just waiting to explode and ruin their lives.”




i swear to god youre all idiots. did you even read the fucking article?

first of all no. we do not live in a rape culture.

  Rape has actually decreased by over 80% since 1979, despite an increase in the willingness of victims in reporting it, and an increase in the overall number of rapes that were reported at allprior to discovery.   The “1 in 3/4 women” “statistic” being passed around on places like Tumblr is hilariously FALSE.  Female scholars and other journalistshave written off the concept as nothing more than a form of mass hysteria.   The leading organization devoted to helping victims of rape discourages the notion from being taught on college campuses, as it tries to take blame off of the actual rapist, and place it onto some poorly-defined, imaginary boogeyman. 

so now that we’ve put that myth to rest lets actually look at some of the stuff in this article.

Last year, a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association found that less than 30 percent of college students had more than one partner in the previous year.

now i dont know about you but one lay a year isnt really enough for me. shit if i dont have sex at least once a month i get moody. 

this article is criticizing a Bloomberg piece about mens fear of being falseley accused as rapists. which by the way is a very realistic fear.

Men who are accused of rape on a University campus can have their right of due process and trial by a jury of their peers stripped from them. In place of it, they can then be “convicted” by the university if the investigating body believes there is a 50.0001% chance that the man committed the rape.

In addition, the accused is not allowed to seek any outside legal counsel, also taking away his right to an attorney. what this means is that men are literally stripped of constitutional rights to an actual investigation and can have their entire life ruined just because some dumbass sorority girl falsely accused them. and lets be real here who do you think they’re gonna side with? thats right. the girl. nobody’s gonna side with a college guy. people already think they’re the scum of the earth right? and now they’ve got some poor girl with crocodile tears enforcing that belief. that guy is pretty much fucked.

Pollack said a patient recently told him about making out with a girl at a party. Things were going fine, the student said, when suddenly a vision of his school’s disciplinary board flew into his head.

“‘I want to go to law school or medical school after this,’” Pollack said, recounting the student’s comments. “‘I said to her, it’s been nice seeing you.’”

basically what this dude is saying is that he’s scared of even kissing a girl because she might report him for sexual assault if he hurts her feelings.

Earlier in the piece, Gill said he no longer offered female classmates beer at parties because he doesn’t want to “look like a predator … it’s a little bit of a blurred line.”

this dude wont even offer people beer at parties because girls automatically assume guys are rapists. 

and this article up here. all its doing is basically spouting nonsense saying that men are blaming rape on the victim. but thats not whats happening. MEN ARE JUST SCARD TO HAVE THEIR FUCKING LIVES RUINED FOR SOMETHING THEY NEVER DID.

and all of you fucking bought it. you just bit the hook and reblogged it without even reading the fucking thing so that you could laugh at an injustice men face. i mean its bad enough that we dont even have fucking rape legislation. and on top of that we have our constitutional rights taken  away by our college just so they can ruin our lives based on a rumor. and all you’ve done is make fun of it. 

fuck your erasure of anything that isn’t all about women.

fuck your political ignorance.

fuck this article,

and fuck you.

Aug 27 '14


A collection of pictures from volunteering tonight. Most of these are going to go on the website probably.

(btw click for caption)

Aug 27 '14


Colouring comic pages when



That’s not how shoulders work

Why would his shoulder be pulled back when he’s reaching out

That must be the longest arm ever


I mean what’s going on here??

Aug 27 '14


Xephos: I said stay out!

Aug 27 '14

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Aug 27 '14


Okay so if Vastra is a Silurian and more reptile-like than mammal-like, consider:

  • Vastra grabbing bugs of the sill with her tongue when no-one’s looking
  • Vastra sunning naked as the day she was hatched in her conservatory
  • Vastra seeking out small, dark places when worried
  • Vastra becoming embarrassingly cuddly when the chill of Victorian London gets to her
Aug 27 '14

a whole bunch of Guys with Cats

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